AR-15 .22LR Upper Receiver Chiappa M4-22 2 Mags
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AR-15 .22LR Upper Receiver Chiappa M4-22 2 Mags


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Chiappa M4-22 Upper Receiver - 22LR - with 2 28 round magazines

Consists of a polymer upper receiver and magazine both with MILSPEC size perfectly interchangeable with all models of M4 - AR15 - M16 now available on the market. Conversion takes a few seconds to transform your weapon into a .22LR caliber. Without any permanent modification you may now use your M4 with inexpensive ammunition. Two 28 round magazines. Black.

Chiappa firearms, famous for their unconventional revolvers, are now selling a dedicated .22 LR upper. More and more shooters are turning to the .22 lr to get the most bang for their buck. Some have turned to .22 LR conversion kits for their AR-15, but that can come with some consequence. Although the diameter of a .22lr and a .223/5.56 are microscopically close, a .223 barrel is still not made for the .22lr–in terms of size and the bullet itself. The .223/5.56 are jacketed bullets; they have a copper-nickle jacket around a lead core bullet, most .22lr is not jacketed. After repeated shooting with .22lr in a rifle chambered in .223, it can lead to a degradation of barrel life and accuracy; not to mention the accuracy of shooting .22lr itself can be sub par due to the 1:9 or 1:7 twist rate of your AR.

  • Item #: CHIAPPA-M4-22UPPER
  • Manufacturer: CHIAPPA
  • Condition: New

AR-15 .22LR Upper Receiver Chiappa M4-22 2 Mags

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